What is LifeStory?

LifeStory is me ghost writing either yours or a family members biography. I love telling stories. Especially real life stories that mean something to real people. This service is here to provide you and your family a lasting physical memoir that can be passed down for generations.


THe start of the journey

The interview stage involves at least 10 interview sessions around 2hrs long. The interviews cover all stages of life from childhood to the family tree and the most recent stories.

The interviews are recorded and they can be edited and delivered as part of the package with the finished book.


THE part where I TYPE

This is the part where I knuckle down and write the bones of the book. Then it goes through a proof reading and editing process to ensure the highest of quality of writing. In this stage I would also be scanning family photographs and shooting professional portraits of the client for the book.


The final Stage

Book design is the final jigsaw piece to the completing the story and bringing everything together in the best possible package. Whether you want a digital book only, one paperback book or multiple hardbacks, this part requires me to use my design skills stitch everything together and complete the story.


Prices and Quotes

This kind of service involves a certain amount of investment as there is a lot of time and skill involved in producing a product of this nature. The process for me is an in depth one as I really connect with the families that hire me for a LifeStory. In order to the best possible job, I immerse myself into the lives of these families as much as possible in order to learn how best to tell the story and with the most accurate voice.

Every story is different and therefore the time required and end length of the book varies with each individual person. The best thing to do is get in touch with what you are looking for and I can give you a quote!


This can include:

  • At least 10 face-to-face, audio recorded meetings. Base price will receive 1 premium hardback book. (Additional prints can be added)
  • Roughly up to 200 pages, 45,000 words, and 60 images
  • A portrait session, old photo scanning and a USB with audio highlights
  • A digital copy of the book
  • An Independent publishing service - To share your book with the world!

Payment plans are an option here so you are able to spread the cost at 0% interest if that works best for you.